PCMCIA 11 M wireless LAN card

I bought a $12.50 special card P/N WE302-IF for my Trogon E22 which accepts type I,II and III cards in the PCMCIA slot (out of business) laptop running the plain Windows 98 with my Netgear MR814 version 3 wireless router...Everything works...However, the so called 16 bit card gets very HOT and operates email service for about 5 minutes then the computer mouse pointer locks up and after a few seconds the computer freezes and then automatically reboots...I don't know if this is due to the thermal cutoff switch, the fact I am not running Windows 98SE, or the lan card is depending on the processor of the computer which is a AMD K6 with clock speed to 300 Mhz...I have been told that this lan card only works with clock speeds of 300 Mhz and higher....I bought this card for experimental use basically....I am using the laptop configuration basically from my back yard to the computer desk inside...I get 100% signal and a perfect connection...

So anybody experienced this problem?

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