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What do people think of the idea of driving around residential neighborhoods, finding insecure access points, and offering to fix them for a flat fee?


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Sounds like a nightmare. What do you do when a client calls to tell you that their machines won't stay connected, or something doesn't work right any more. Make it right for the same flat fee?

I wouldn't be surprised to have the cops stop by and ask what you are up to.

How do you find the owner of "Linksys" or "Default" and even explain the problem?

Hope your business insurance is paid up!

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William P. N. Smith

I've come to learn that anyone can make money doing "almost" anything. If you decide to try this endeavor, review the laws in your area. Also, I wouldn't offer to "fix" an insecure access point, I would offer to "secure" it for them.

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Doug Jamal

Ian wrote in news:

Hey way not? It could save someone thousands of dollars.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

Given that Netstumbler doesn't log traffic, easiest thing would be to just drive a neighbourhood and count AP's then just do a leaflet drop of the entire neighbourhood.

Spending time trying to identify each AP user could prove to be an expensive endeavour in time and besides, just because it's not showing as WEP or WPA doesn't mean that it's not secure.


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David Taylor

Contribute an article in your local newspaper explaining WiFi security.

When do actually DO the work, a disclaimer that you are using explaining "best practices" could be a good defense if need be. Basically the courts see negligence as did you did or didn't do what someone else did or didn't do in a same or similar situation.

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Many insecure access points are not secured for a reason, even though it's usually a bad reason. It doesn't mean that the owner doesn't know how to secure them themselves, at no cost.

I was at my son's friend's house, and was talking to his friend's father about wireless, and I asked if he had secured the network. He told me that he hadn't, because he ddidn't think that his VPN software would work over a secured wireless network.

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