PC, PDA can I connect wireless to my Stereo

Hi all

I have 2 pc connected via a wireless router, I also have a wireless pda that is networked, I have a very large music collection on my pc. I want to play my music on my stereo that is downstairs (next to the wireless router) via my pda, is this possible without much hassle how do I connect my stereo amp to the wireless network?

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Here's one way...

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Here's another with PDA player - connect PDA audio out to your hi-fi
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I do just that every now and then with my PDA's -- and they are even older WinCE PDA's -- Cassiopeia E-100 (WinCE2.11) and Cassio BE-300 (stripped WinCE3.0 for Casio, but using a really cool CE shell project called Xpod).

Windows Media Player (for PocketPC or WinCE) plays streaming .mp3 and .wma using MS protocols. There are a bunch of other, freeware, stuff that can stream from mms: ftp:, or even http: as well. Just google.

You already have everything you need, except maybe an adapter. Just plug the receiver's analog line-in into the PDA's headphone jack -- probably a mini-jack that you'll need an adapter to get into the receiver with.

Use the PDA's AC adapter adapter when streaming to the stereo over the air. Using wifi with a PDA and streaming media drains their batteries very quickly. :^)

Cheers Eric

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