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Hello, don't know much about wireless yet, so can someone please tell me if these are possible:

1) I want to connect a (normally) *wired* IP ethernet camera to a wired router about 80m away clear line of sight. Is there a pair of wireless dongly things I can plug into the lan sockets of both to take the place of the lan cable?

2) Similar setup, but connecting a bog standard normally wired USB webcam wirelessly to a computer. Again, the wireless link serving the same function as a USB cable.

I know one can buy wireless cameras and routers, but I just want to replace the cables with wireless dongles type things that plug into the back of the original wired gadgets instead of the cable. Suggestions please?

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On 8 May 2007 01:51:05 -0700, wrote in :

Sure. You want a point-to-point bridge. Cable a wireless access point to the wired router; cable a wireless Ethernet (client) bridge to the camera; and setup the wireless connection.

Not AFAIK. You'd need a wireless Ethernet (client) bridge with a USB port and a webcam driver, which I don't think exists.

Other alternatives:

  • Powerline networking
  • Phoneline networking
  • Coax networking

See wikis below for more info.

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John Navas

Many thanks! Checking it out.

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