W98SE Laptop Suddenly Can't See Two XP Machines

I've had two XP boxes networked by cable to a Linksys WRT54G Router. Last week I put a wireless Airlink card in an old W98SE laptop. Until today, the three PCs "saw" each other and all was well. Today, the two XP boxes see the laptop but the laptop doesn't see either XP box. The laptop does get Internet access. No firewall settings or other changes whatsoever have been made to the XP boxes. The only thing I did with the laptop yesterday was adjust the RWIN setting.

Any thoughts as to why the laptop can't see the other two machines even though they see it?

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I had a similar problem, I tried logging in as guest and I could see all, after that my normal login name worked too.??????

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My thought is not to waste time trying to fix it. Perhaps networking computers with the same OS would work as desired, but different OSs forget it. I network with a flash memory stick now and it takes a lot less time.

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Jim Walker

That's what it was Sandy. I figured it out last night. Ran winipcfg and released/renewed the IP address.

Thanks to all who replied.

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maybe you should set the RWIN back to where it was - different OSen require different settings, and for networked machines, you are wasting time playing with it as its the router's RWIN that matters for internet traffic.

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Mark McIntyre

Assuming you are using DHCP, try renewing your connection to the router. It sounds like an IP address / MAC address conflict to me.

By all means, don't resort to this:

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- Sandy

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Sandy A. Nicolaysen

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