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I'd like to put my computer approx 15 linear feet away from my wireless router. The distance will go through 3 normal frame house walls.

Is it likely it will work with this arrangement?

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rbig hath wroth:

Putting your computer through 3 walls is probably going to destroy the computer and at least one wall. It really depends upon the construction of the wall. If concrete or heavy wood paneling, only the computer will be destroyed. If the computer is one of those monster heavy weight tower cases, only the wall will be destroyed.

However, that's only for one wall. I don't think a world distance record for putting a computer through multiple walls has been established. Apparently, you're off to a good start and possibly on the way to an Olympic medal in the computer put event. It's a bit late but I'm sure Bejing has plenty of machines you can use for practice.

I think 3 walls is a bit much for a newbie computer put event. It will take years of concientious practice and exercise to build yourself up to where you can put your computer through 3 walls.

No. It's very likely that the computer will not work after your arrangments. I also wasn't aware that the computer is expected to work after being put through 3 walls. If solidly built, I think it has a chance of surviving, but it's unlikely.

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Jeff Liebermann

It should work fine.

Steve B.

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