DIY WiFi signal booster challenge

I was wondering if anyone knows any surefire way of bodging together wifi aerial booster to recieve a stronger signal. I have heard alot of mentions of pringles tins and tin foil in the past :rolleyes: and was wondering if thier really is a way of making a low tech device that works!

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Sure is. You can put a full duplex radio up high three miles out and bounce the signal down for another three miles. But at over $30,000 (significantly more if your not a dealer) to do that, I wouldn't call it a low tech device.

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processthis hath wroth:

Are you looking for antenna construction articles? If so, any particular type, as the list is rather extensive. Also, what are you trying to accomplish and whatcha got to play with?

While you're thinking about it, this should get you started (randomly selected from my bookmark mess):

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Jeff Liebermann

I have built the cantenna, the double quad and the Patch. So far the strongest signal is with the Patch, see:

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simple to build. I disconnected the antenna from inside a dongle and connected the Patch to the dongle thru about 2" of RG58a. Then I ran usb cable to my laptop. I suggest drilling the recommended feedpoint hole and then one toward the center about .05" and one toward the edge .05". I moved mine closer to the edge and gained more signal. On my second Patch I didn't cut off the corners and I adjusted feedpoint position. My strongest signal so far. Mike

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