new DSL switch & am experiencing linksys router & win98 problems.

Recently switched from cable to dsl. Have a linksys befw11s4 connected to 3 pcs...running win 98&xp&NT, & a brother 3820cn printer. Using a westall modem provided by BellSouth. Everything works fine except for win 98 pc. Am able to check email but unable to access web. Can at times, then suddenly 'hangs up'. Have checked mtu setting & email. all supposedly are correct. Also can 'ping' @ command prompt when unable to access internet thru ie.

Any suggestions?

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If you are running win98SE you probably need the RASPPPoE update at

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Did Bell South send a Floppy or cd? You might call and verify this but I had to install it on a friends win98 when he got dsl.


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Why would he need RASPPoE when connecting through a router? All connection software should be deleted.

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Alan White

add or dislexia?

Using a


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