TCP File Transfer behind NAT

Dear All,

Can anyone tell me, how to write such a program that can transfer files (either binary or text) behind NAT devices( such as for computers behind firewalls and routers and other NAT devices) using TCP socket programming.

I have a mechanism through which the public IP of the router and Port number will be forwarded to me. But after that I am not sure that simple TCP/IP socket programming will suffice or I need to do something more for that.

If you have any article link or article or any example that shows how the File Transfer can be done for such a case then please help me regarding this.

Any sought of help or idea will be appreciated from you all.

from- Saurabh Srivastava

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Saurabh wrote in part:

Have a look at `ftp` or `scp` source code (either Linux or BSD). NAT should be transparent, but you must either originate inside the NAT zone, or specifically configure the NAT device to route incoming requests to a particular server.

-- Robert

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