NETGEAR Wireless Network

Starting situation: NETGEAR wireless signal broadcasted with out a password. Wireless connection worked well.

What I've done so far:

  1. I've changed my password to my default gateway.
  2. Changed my SSID & removed the check in the box that asks if i want to allow it to broadcast my SSID.

Haven't done:

  1. Created a WEP key

Current situation: Now about every 15 minutes or so I lose my connection consistently then receive the following message:

Wireless network connection

Windows could not connect to this network

There might be interference between this computer and the network access point, or the network is refusing access to this computer.

To restart the connection and try to establish full connectivity, click repair.

If clicking repair does not restore connectivity, the problem might be with the network, not this computer. Contact the person who manages your network.

Then, when I click repair it says that it was unable to connect to the network.

Anyone know what to do to remedy this problem?

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Sounds like interference. See the FAQ in my sig block below.

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John Navas

I spoke to my friend that helped me change my SSID and everything I've done so far and he said he believes it's a config problem because I wasn't having any interference before. I'm currently looking through your FAQ's, but would appreciate another suggestion if this info shines more light on my situation.

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There's a known fault with some APs and cards that means they lose connection if the SSID is hidden. Try re-enabling SSID broadcast, it doesn't buy much extra security anyway. Mark McIntyre

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Mark McIntyre

The benefits :=) of SSID hiding are well presented in the "SSID Hiding" paragraph at

formatting link

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J David Ellis

Alright - I've read about interference and I've read how trying to hide your SSID doesen't do anything and then tried several times to generate a WEP keeping the default NETGEAR SSID and changing the SSID to a custom name. I've tried creating the WEP while broadcasting the SSID and I've tried creating the WEP not broadcasting the SSID.

I know that it's not interference because the wireless signal works great at the default setting just as things are.

All the things I'm trying isn't getting me where I want to be; and that's just to have a secure wireless signal.

As far as options to set up my WEP:

Authentication is either: Automatic, Open System or Shared Key Encription Strenght options are: Disable, 64 bit or 128 bit

Then below that for the key's there is a passphrase with a generate button and then 4 Keys that get populated once I enter the passphrase.

No matter what I do say .. set the SSID to banana, with the United States as the Region, Channel 11, b and g modes. Allowing broadcast - Setting a passphrase.

Once I go through all that - the connection is no longer consistently at 54 Mbps like it is when it's at the default facotry settings - and beyond that several times I lock myself out of the network and have to restore the factory settings. I've gone through this more than a handful of times.

Any suggestions?

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