Netgear's WG111 v2 question

Yes, it will work, but only up to the speed of your USB 1.1 port. |

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your computah has a USB 1.0 port, you are limited to exactly one USB device on this port. I've also had problems with wireless devices and USB hubs. Get a USB2 card for the computah.

As for 8ft, it should work just fine. If your wireless client utility shows a lousy signal, then something is busted. It's difficult to tell from here where it's broken. It could be the unspecified wireless router or the WG111. I suggest you try your computah with a different access point such as the neighbors. Also, drag in a friends laptop and see if it goes farther than 8ft. That should at least identify which end of the wireless link is the source of the problem.

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Jeff Liebermann
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Will this USB 2 adaptor work with a computer with only USB 1 ports cos' I can't get a signal and this is the setup I have, with computer and router in same room only 8ft away

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