Netgear DG834GT problems


I would appreciate any help on the following, I'm using a Netgear DT, Wireless, ADSL Router - DG834GT, (the router is connected to a PC using Windows XP) the issue is that I'm now starting to have problems on a daily basis with it.

Regularly I have to unplug the power, and then reconnect it, then the router connects and works again, I never had to do this before, however this is now starting to be a regular occurrence.

One thing is that I have recently update the Firmware and used Version

1.02.04, I wonder to whether this could be the problem, and if so how can I uninstall the router and recently installed firmware and start again (as system restore does not seem to fix this problem).

The strange thing about this is that when the router works, a Windows XP laptop, which uses this wireless connection, has less dropouts as the signal seems stronger.

Any help on the above would be gratefully received.

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Does this computer use a wired or a wireless connection? I ask because you later say that a laptop has a stronger connection than something else.

Why do you believe you have to unplug the power? Does your computer lose contact with the router or does the router lose contact with the aDSL network?

It has less dropouts and a stronger signal than what - and also why do you find that strange?


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