Massive interfernce problem or something else?

This is a strange problem for me...

I have a customer who has complained for some time that wireless sometimes just does not work. We have replaced the router with a new Netgear MIMO model and new card in the laptop. When everything is working "right" the wireless has low signal by about 50ft away. Today I was close by when it would not work and spent several hours with it.

Scenario: Customer laptop sitting on one side of open room and router on other side about 15 ft away. Customers laptop shows no wireless networks available. Replaced PCMCIA card and still no wireless networks available. Replaced PCMCIA card with USB dongle and it can see one wireless network with low signal called citywifi.

Got my laptop out that works fine elsewhere. It can see a couple of really weak wireless units elsewhere but can't see the one across the room...

Replaced the router with another NetGear from the car. Neither laptop can see it.

Replaced the NetGear with a Linksys wireless N. Both laptops can see it but can't connect. When you try to connect it tells you the network is no longer available then it disappears from the list. Might come back again if you keep refreshing.

In disgust I brought all the equipment home and hooked it up. Works perfectly. Took the equipment back and no go. Same issues. Back home again for the evening and everything is working perfectly.

I'm at a loss here. What in the heck could be causing this? If it is local interfernce why can the laptops see weak signals from elsewhere and what in the heck could generate that kind of interference and still be functioning properly? Customer states there is nothing on now that is not normally on. Any advice out there from those smarter than I?

Steve B.

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Steve B.
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