Lost SSID after reboot Windows XP


I think the SSID is stored in the registry. Maybe something crapped out. might try a new SSID name.

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The following problem occurs, with Windows XP.

When adding the SSID in the properties of the wireless connection manualy, the connection works. After rebooting the system, the SSID in the properties of the wireless connection is lost???

Any suggestion are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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The SSID is to be defined in the router or access point first. In a "normal" XP wireless setup, the SSID is determined by Wireless Zero Configuration and reported to the user so that a selection of available wireless networks can be presented by SSID as the identifier. So, first define the SSID in the router or access point setup. Your connection should see that SSID and allow you to select it from available wireless networks. If that does not work, then you have a conflict - do not run the proprietary wireless configuration application at all; use only Wireless Zero Configuration.

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