Linksys WRT54G WPA problem...

Hello! I got a Linksys WRT54G v.2 802.11G Broadband Router (already upgraded the latest firmware), and 2 Linksys WPC54G PCMCIA NICs v.1 (the lastest driver), 2 Notebooks, one with WINXP Pro and one with WINXP Home ed., they work fine for WEP, but when i switch to WPA-PSK (both AES and TKIP), they can't connect anymore (can't acquire the network address). I am sure it's not the passphase problem, I try to uninstall the driver and install again, it worked fine once on my WINXP Pro, but after rebooted, it failed again.. I try to input the SSID, select WPA-PSK, and then the passphase directly in the wireless tab, it can't help.

I've contacted Linksys and of course they couldn't help me. Do you hv this problem and how can you solve it.. Thank you very much!

Cheers, Kent

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Are you using SP2? Is the router broadcasting its SSID? Are you using Linksys' wireless utility to connect or XP's built-in wireless service? Does your passphrase contain non-alphanumeric characters (this is not supposed to matter)?

BTW: For testing WEP to WPA-PSK migrations, it helps to change the SSID of the router so that XP remembers the WEP key under the old SSID in case things do not work with WPA.


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Yves Konigshofer

Hi Yves, thx 4 your advice, but it doesn't work 4 me...

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