Linksys wireless range expander...Why?

I've got one, and it works exactly as advertized. They are not very flexible, and I certainly will not be getting another (unless it is dirt cheap from someone who is dumping one).

The problem, from my perspective, is that a less expensive WRT54G with third party firmware loaded will do exactly the same thing, plus a lot more.

And the WRT54G costs significantly less.

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Floyd L. Davidson
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Has anyone used a Linksys wireless range expander WRE54G? If so how good are they. I see so many forsale on E-bay that were used for a shot period of time. I wondering if they actually work because why are people selling them after a short period? Would you not keep it if its doing the job unless for some reason you moved everything around your house and dont need the range anymore. Anyone using one and how is it working out for you?

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Hi - they work well in an unencrypted 'auto' set up mode but I could never get mine to work in an encrypted link...I noticed several people taking them back while I was returning bet is to go for the most powerful wireless router you can buy....


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Crewe Dave

apparently neighbor is new to wireless, linksys default ssid, channel 6, no security. A plug and play expert. He suddenly just upped his power - now its an unstable connection, comes and goes all night long - registers 100% for a minute or so then degrades - then he tries another channel. Noticed other neighbors were losing connections when he swaps channels,,, funny - Too much power isn't a good thing for him, nor his neighbors. F-him, I'm matching his chosen channel forever until that 100% signal disappears, I'm tired of swapping channels constantly trying to have channel separation..

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Better antennas are always a good idea. However, your comment suggests misunderstandings of how a repeater works and the advantage to using one.

If it was co-located with your AP, it does nothing of significance. That is because the AP and the repeater would have about the same coverage, at best.

However... one example where I've use a repeater is a classic. The AP is about 400-500 yards from the a distant building. In fact, only one end of the building is visible from the AP's location. Of course the other end of the building (60 feet away) is where I have another host that needs to be networked. The computer's wireless client card cannot get even a whisp of signal from the AP. There are about four fair sized buildings in between, all blocking the path.

=======||========== Natchik Street =========================>

|| +----+ || +--------+ | RP| || /AP | | | || +---+ +---+ +---+ +----+ / | | | || | | | | | | | | + | | | || | | | | | | | | | | | | || | | | | | | | | | | | | || | | | | | | | | +-----------+ | | || | | | | | | | | |HOST| || +---+ +---+ +---+ +----+ +----+ || (Not drawn to scale)

I checked with a laptop that the AP's signal was usable at the visible end of the building, then got a repeater. I put the repeater in a window on that end of the building and put a pci client card in the computer at the other end. It worked just fine. Because the repeater out on the end that does have line of sight, it can get a signal from the AP, and the computer can always see the repeater.

That is what a repeater can do.

Whether a WRE54G would be the right repeater is open to debate though! A WRT54G does more and cost less...

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Floyd L. Davidson

I tried one and returned it to the store. The existing WAP I had with an +11 dBi antenna on it already provided as much coverage as the WRE54G could.

Suggest you invest in a better antenna.


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Bob Alston

Ok guys thanks for the comments and advice. Thats excatly what I wanted to hear and kind of thought the way so many are for sale. You all just saved me some money.

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