LINKSYS WAG54GS RF power out

Hello everybody, I got this router on my home lan and it is performing well. One thing I'll be happy to do with it is to change the wireless rf power out. For me the default one is too high and I'll be happy to reduce it in some way. Does somebody know if there is a command in tenet mode or a GPL code out there to change rf wlan power out? Thank you in advance.


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Hi, If it is older version, dd-wrt firmware can be loaded and has the ability to adjust power up or down and antenna orientation. My daughter is using same model older version with her Powerbook. I loaded dd-wrt firmware on it. Works very well.

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Tony Hwang

Tony Hwang ha scritto:

But doesn't is dd-wrt for the WRT54GS router? I got the WAG model the one with a built in ADSL modem

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