Linksys "SRX" technology

Has anyone tried the new Linksys routers with SRX MIMO technology?

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Just curious how it compares in distance to the new ParkerVision "D2D" APs.
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and I saw in the store an SMC AP that claimed to have 200mW output...

Would be interesting to know if they add range for clients with plain old

802.11b adapters and not the special cards the manufacturers recommend.

-- Paul

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I have not used the Linksys, but I am now using the D-Link with MIMO. On my DI-514 I had a GOOD signal in my back bedroom when not using a repeater, Excellent with repeater. Now I have a Excellent signal in the same place with no repeater using the D-Link DI-624M.


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Robert Jacobs

I am not sure how exactly Linksys is implementing MIMO, but it is my understanding that MIMO will not necessarily give you better distance but actually it enhances coverage. It does not go farther but makes coverage inside where there are many interference sources easier by having multiple inputs each looking for signal on difference axis'.

The distance/range gain you receive with Parkervision equipment is actually due to the D2D technology and other superior radio technology. And BTW the distance Parkervision provides is no joke, it is for real, great range even with non-Parkervision 802.11b adapters.


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