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I was wondering if anyone knows which DSL provider offers the widest distance of service for home wireless -- Earthlink claims only to offer 75 to 100 feet, and Bell South says 300 feet. Is 300 the best I can hope to find? Thanks a lot!

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Phil Harmonica
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I'd say that Earthlink is being realistic, Bell South is quoting typical "up to" figures, and they're both offering the exact same thing - consumer class

802.11b routers.


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Dave Thornburgh

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Phil Harmonica

Sounds like you might be better off with multiple wireless access points as repeaters. I

I'd also advise getting your own equipment instead of paying Earthlink for the service. The new stuff is fairly easy to set up and is cheap. Earthlink won't help you set up your own equipment. Whenever I have a service outage, their operators always told me to check for status via WinPoet.

As for your other Q's....

You can get those ridiculous ranges (and then some) with a clear "line- of-sight" path between the access point and device. A warehouse or loft apartment would be perfect. I've heard of focused outdoor antenna setups where 802.11b can have a effective range up in the miles.

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If you have a linksys router or WAP, you can install these antennas for extended range.

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Alternatively, some kind of bridge... like
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Steve (No, I don't work for Linksys ;)



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