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Make sure the router isnt set for G-mode only...set for mixed or b Can you access the config page? Are you getting an IP address? Is the router set for DHCP server. Is the device set for dynamic or static IP Reset the router to factory to make sure all settings are default.

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Is MAC filtering off?

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I've installed one of the Linksys Wireless G routers (4 hardwire ports, plus B and G mode wireless). I'm trying to access it with a handlheld in mode B, that is known to work wirelessly.

The handlheld has been able to scan the network, and thus "sees" it but seems unable to connect.

I've turned off WEP for the time being, to simplify things.

Not having configured a wireless router before, Im stumped where to go next. The handlheld is a NEC Mobilepro, running windows CE

2000, and is known to work (when someone who knows what they're doing is operating it apparently!)

Help appreciated!


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