Most of my Linksys work, but not this 11S4

I have a Netgear a/b/g wireless card for my laptop. At my school, I have no problems connecting to their routers (which have security) using Odyssey Client. At my house, I have a Linksys B router, and have no problems there, with or without security.

But I come back to my parents house, who have an older Linksys, the

11S4, and I can't get a good connection. It sees the connect. Signal quality is great. It finds the connection, and it even says "open". My icon is even dark, showing a connection. But the packets in/out number is very low/high, and I can't seem to get a connection. Is there some setting on the router we need to change? We've made sure there is no WEP or Mac filtering. My parents have no problem connecting to this router with their other computer. I'm running Windows 2000.
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