Linksys wireless signal fluctuates from high to low ?

Is there a reason why the Linksys wireless signal fluctuates from high to low ? I have placed a access point between the router and the workstation, The work station is in the basement, prior to putting the access point in, the signal was weak. Should I change the transmission channel ?

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Yes. Gravity. Most things fall from high places to low places. I would be seriously worried if they went from low to high.

Are there any cables connected to this access point? Just placing it between the router and the workstation doesn't do much.

Well, if it was weak before, it will probably be weak after you move it.

I don't think that will help unless you're getting interference from some other wireless system. Try channels 1, 6, or 11.

If that doesn't help, you might wanna disclose what problem you're trying to solve. Your description is rather vague and useless. Also, kindly supply what you have to work with as in the model numbers of your equipment, how they are connected, and some clue as to the topology (layout) as measure in feet, meters, or cubits.

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