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I'm interested in finding an (online) guide to installing (or replacing) the full antenna for an internal wireless setup in a laptop.

My laptop is set up for wireless, but, I stripped the head off the connector wire (by accident). I can find online guides on how to replace the card, but, I need information on how to replace the antenna (or connector wire)


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Sue Miller
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Go here join the discissions for your laptop brand And ask away.

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They are normally pretty helpfull


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Any particular maker and model number laptop? Any particular maker and model number wireless card?

What were you doing that inspired you to destroy the antenna coax cable? What were you trying to accomplish (besides destroy the laptop)?

There are usually two coax cables and connectors going to the wireless card in most laptops. If you trashed one, you can still function on just the other if it were plugged into the "MAIN" port (instead of the "AUX" port). If you destroyed both connectors, there are replacement antennas with cables available for most model laptops. It's almost impossible to replace just the u-FL connector end.

This might also give you some ideas:

The most difficult part is disassembling the laptop and LCD section. If you've never done this before, be prepared for a major project. If you have a digital camera, take LOTS of pictures so you can re-assemble the laptop.

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Jeff Liebermann

The normal setup is for 1 or 2 tiny coax cables to terminate under the laptop where a mini-pci wireless card is installed. The two tiny coax connectors are then pushed onto the two tiny coax sockets.

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So - how did you destroy these tiny cable connectors ? Trying to fix them is like performing blood vessel surgery.

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