3000 foot wireless card

I was in Las Vegas this week and there was a gentlman there that had a wireless card and an antena attached to the laptop.

he told me that he was able to do 3000 feet on it.

he told me i could do a search on the internet to buy one.

I have however had little success in finding the card that he has.

Does anyone here know what kind of card it was?

I know it was a PCMCIA card, but it did not stick out of the slot with an antenna like the normal cards you buy. It had a small connector like the external antena connector on the oronical cards. but it also had a rubber antenna about 6 inchs long with a base that hooked to the side of his laptop.

could somone help me out with this?

thank you.


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With no local interference, it's possible at perhaps 1Mbit/sec.

Translation. He didn't know the name of the card he was using.

Duz this look familiar?

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My crystal ball crashed after the last firmware upgrade. I'm working on a warranty replacment. Meanwhile, no remote viewing, crystal gazing, or precognition. I could use my Ouija Board, but the character data rate is just too slow to be useful.


I call such a card an "alligator". That's an animal with a big mouth and small ears. It transmits much farther than it can hear, and is therefore not much better than a jammer. If you're going to do

3000ft, you might need a similar high power xmitter at the other end of the link.
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Jeff Liebermann

Thank you

this is the card i was looking for.


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