Wireless connection keeps going from "very good" to "low"?

I am on bedrest due to pregnancy complications, so my husband purchased me an inexpensive laptop so I could browse the net, play games, email etc.

For the first month or so the wireless connection was fine, but lately it always is "low" or "very low" and often cuts out after about 10 minutes of starting the computer up.

We have a D-Link wireless router and the Lenovo laptop we have has an Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG NIC.

I am considering saving all my files and just doing Lenovo's restore utility, but before I try that, does anyone have some suggestions I should try first?

The router is just in the next room over, so the issue isn't that the laptop is trying to access the connection over a large distance.

Thanks for any suggestions,


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Make sure you haven't accidentally turned on the "power save" feature of the wireless adapter. It might even be turned on by default.

If you're using the Lenovo "Access Connections" utility, it's a parameter of your wireless profile, and the way it's named is confusing (well, it confused me anyway); the "High" setting is for "high power saving" which translates into low wireless performance.

When my adapter is operating in that mode, I get poor performance over a distance of only 10 feet.

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Bert Hyman

Well, Shaynelle, I hope your bedrest is working to your and your baby's advantage! Remember that if you don't feel well, contact your physician immediately! That's what your physician expects.

[My wife is a neonatal nurse practitioner for 30 years, and her big gripe is with mothers who are reluctant to call the physician. She says that the patient knows when they are not doing well, and too many fail to make the call early.]

One thing you can do is have your husband or partner change the orientation of the router's antenna; sometimes this helps. OTOH, Bert probably has the clue you need to keep your wireless connected.

I wish well for you and your baby! Are you going to deliver for Christmas?

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Have you changed the default SSID in the router?

You may be attached to a neighbor's D-link. I have seen this many times even though you have a stronger signal from the next room your computer insists on connecting to the weaker signal.

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Cliff Hartle

Mine does this all the time! Some house around me must have a router. It constantly wants to connect to it, even whwn ours is right next to the laptop.

Cathy L

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Cathy L


I'd recommend getting the Intel bundle from Lenovo:

formatting link
See if that doesn't help.

Have a speedy recovery,


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Aaron Leonard

By any chance is it one of those piece of dung pre-n things? Mine cycles between very poor to excellent, even though it's 10 ft away..

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Peter Pan

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