It wasn't Bricked After All...

Hi! Here I am again.. (This would be "part 2" post) For the ones who haven't read it :

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To put it simple, i have two notebooks connected agains an AP and when they transfer some file using windows Shares between each other, the wireless connection on both notebooks goes down and i have to reconnect...

The AP i have came in a very little white box labeled "X-Net AWG650A" . I couldnt find these X-net Guys anywhere but you can find Specs and pictures of it at:

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(it's on the top of the list) The MAC address of the AP according to Ethereal an nmap belongs to Edimax. When i opened it i saw it has an Realtech Chip

Ok. Who do you think is the manufacturer of this AP?


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The FCC ID should be the definitive guide.

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are many Edimax entries.

RealTek is a popular provider of chipsets. I happen to have RealTek onboard ethernet controllers in a few PCs and laptops. They do make a tri-band a/b/g chipset RTL8186/RTL8186P

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but they don't make any end user complete products.

Edimax would be a good guess:

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guide.> There are many Edimax entries.


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they don't make any end user complete

Yes!, I got to the same conclusion, even more, physically it's identical, and has the same specs as mine. But... Will a firmware update fix my problem (about file transfers..)

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