(b) v (g) antenna

Can a (b) antenna be used in conjunction with a (g) radio? Any problems to watch for? Thanks

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What a good question. I can't see why that wouldn't work. They're the same frequency band, after all.

(I wonder if anyone will now explain why I'm wrong ...)

-- Mark

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Mark T.B. Carroll

"Helpless via HWKB.com" hath wroth:

An 802.11b antenna and 802.11g antenna are both 2.4GHz and are identical. There's no such thing as an antenna that only works with "b" or "g".

However, an 802.11a antenna is for 5.7GHz and is very different.

There are also multiple connectors (RP-TNC, RP-SMA, Type N, etc) used. Make sure you get the correct connector.

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Jeff Liebermann

Thanks so much

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