Intel 2200BG - PROSet drivers caused extreme instability

Hi all,

I just upgraded to the drivers for XP today from 9.x, to deal with the security issues recently discovered in the old drivers. Since upgrading, my laptop will connect to the AP (Linksys WAP54G, firmware version 3.04), but every 10 seconds or so it will lose the connection and reassociate. The gap between the reconnections is very regular. After a while of this I get a couple of minutes of uptime, but then the cycle repeats.

The only thing that had changed in my network configuration is the laptop's driver version. But I've since tried tweaking power management, preamble mode and making sure WZC is disabled on the laptop, and messing with the AP's settings (beacon interval was already at 25ms, down from the default 100) - all to no avail.

This is extremely frustrating - can anyone suggest anything?

Many thanks.

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Make sure that power management is disabled. _Don't_ mess with advanced settings.

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John Navas

Do you have any competing wireless networks in your immediate area. If so, use the exclude feature of the software so that your wireless card won't attempt to connect to them. Also, you can configure the software to where your card will only associate with your AP/Wireless router. Furthermore, after upgrading to version 10.5, did you reboot your devices? If not, reboot the cable/DSL modem, the AP/wireless router and then your notebook computer. Oftentimes, that is all it take. Take care.

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Doug Jamal

Thanks Doug, I tried your suggestions, but unfortunately they didn't help.

I've found out something interesting - when my account is in the local administrators group, things seem to work fine! But for a number of reasons I have to run as a power user only for general use, and this is when the problem manifests itself.

Some kind of permissions issue perhaps? I'm trying to think of a workaround ... any ideas?

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