Improving the signal to a single station..

YOu might try repositioning the AP downstairs some to see if moving it a bit changes the signal strength. YOu could also try one of the DIY antenna reflectors that will improve the strength of the signal.

Finally, consider trying another channel. Possible that you are getting interference on the channel you are using. If using 6 definitely try 1 or 11.


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Bob Alston
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I would put it on the client side.

I had a similar problem in my house. One laptop upstairs had marginal connectivity. I have a BEFW11s4 linksys AP and added the add-on amp. Improved greatly.

YOu could also consider a DIY tin "can-tenna". I made one for use in another location, where the signal didn't work otherwise. With the cantenna, it worked just fine.

Low cost. About $30. See:

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Bob Alston


I have just setup a Linksys AP with built in ADSL router (it the one with a single antenna) for a customer and am having a low signal problem on one of the PC's..

The PC's are new HP's that come with the Wi-Fi card as standard and they each have a small (+- 6") antenna with about 3 to 4 feet of cable connecting with a small metal screw on type connector (don't know the correct terminology)..

The AP is downstairs and the upstairs PC is about 10 to 15 meters away in a straight line but I can't get a good signal and it often drops the connection..

The only thing I can think of is to put a higher gain directional antenna on the PC upstairs (don't know what the gain is on the current antenna is)..

Would this work to get a more stable connection? What is the best antenna for the job?

Thanks for any input..

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Thanks for the suggestions Bob.. I will have a go next time I am there..

If I did need a higher gain antenna would it be better to put it on the client that is having the problem or the AP?


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