HP WirelessPrinter set upwithout internet connection deskjet 5800

I am having difficulties setting up a HP Deskjet 5800 wireless printer for a friend who does not have an internet connection. I set up the same printer without problem on both a Linksys and D-Link router which was attached to a broadband cable internet connection. Basic setup was to setup with an ethernet cable. Print out IP on printer. Enter that IP into the browser to enter a web based control panel for the HP Deskjet 5800 wireless printer. In the new setup situation we have No internet connection at all. Cannot get an IP from either of 2 D-Link wireless routers. Have tried different working ethernet cables. Tried guessing the ips ( base computer and 1 additional wireless computer on network). The printer sets up fine with a USB cable. Any help would be appreciated. thanks

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What was the IP

Do you get the config screen?

This shouldn't make a difference

Go to Start/Run, enter cmd enter ipconfig what is your pcs IP?

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I was able to set up the printer on 2 diffirent routers when the routers were hooked up to the internet. Seperate physical setting. No internet connection available. I tried 2 diffirent D-Link routers ( I was used previously). There was a wifi signal. I was not able to get an ip issued at all. I even tried guessing the initial ips in the block. no luck at all I

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