How to start wireless connection w/Linux?

Hi all,

I got my wireless driver working, and I used iwconfig to set the network essid and key. However then, nothing happens and my distro came with no other tools that I know of to get a connection going and/or see what wireless networks are available.

Can someone provide me with a clue on how to get this working?


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What would you like to happen?

What is the distro?

Is the network up ?

What does ifconfig and iwconfig show?

I dropped my crystal ball and it shattered into many pieces, so if you would be so kind to fetch the answers to the above maybe, just maybe someone could help :)

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Baho Utot

"iwlist scan" will show other wireless access points available. "man iwlist" for the details.

If your wireless router is set for DHCP, you may have to run dhclient to get an IP. What do ifconfig and iwconfig show?


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Stefan Patric

I would check out the ndiswrapper we pages on installation etc.

Ken D.

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