how to set up a neighborhood wifi


I want to set up a neighborhood wifi, in a somewhat rural area, houses not close together and a lot of trees in between. There would be between 5 and 7 homes involved. There is no central high point to mount an antenna on.

I barely know what questions to ask much less where to begin. If someone would point me to books and resources on the web I would greatly appreciate.


David Oklahoma City

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David Duckslammer
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May not be possible. How far apart are the houses?

Also Google is your friend. Have you tried it?


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well - you came to the right place - unfortunately, it may be more complicated because of the trees...

How far apart from each other are the homes ? Can you see each other ?

The trees are like WiFi sponges - the leaves will soak up the RF.

All WiFi is "line of sight" - without that basic requirement, any implementation becomes much more of a challenge -

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