Which ports to forward on my linksys to cisco


My office has a cisco router which has been setup to allow VPN connections. This has been working for 4+years.

At home, I have a router from Adelphia which works for connecting through vpn to my office using a Windows 2000 PC with the MS vpn client software.

I just purchased a Linksys router (Model BEFSR41) so that I can have a number of PCs and servers setup in my home which can connect to the internet. I am using static IPs internally due to Sun Servers and not really interested in doing DHCP with those.

Everything seems to be working except with the VPN connection to work. It times out with error 651: Your modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error. I tried forwarding ports 1-65536 to this PC with both udp and tcp and it still gets the same error.

Does anyone know how I can determine the speicfic ports which need to be forwarded? Also, just in case someone asks, the office is not using a Windows server to control the vpn access, it is all on the router.

As a test, I changed the PC back to DHCP and moved the network cable from the linksys to adelphia's router and the VPN connection still works.


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