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I've a wi-fi network in a building. Along the same road there's another shop a 100 mt doistance in the same side (no visual contact). There's some way to join this shop to the network (i'm thinking that there's no much distance)?

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Without line of sight you're not likely to be successful over that kind of distance.

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John Navas

Try inquiring with some other nearby establishments as to whether they might let you mount an antenna and some equipment at their location to "bounce" the signal between your locations.

I'm assuming since you said no line of sight that this isn't the case, but if all of the front faces of the buildings are flush, you may be successful to a degree in sending the signal straight down the front face of the buildings with directional antennas mounted about 6-10cm off of the building. Check building codes / etc.

Regards, B. Chociej Kansas City, Mo., USA.

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