How to connect 2 wireless networks?

I have a D-Link DI-624 as the router for my broadband internet service.
There are several computers connected to it on it's network.
In my room I have my xbox with xbmc running on it with a long cable
connecting it to my router. I would like to create another network in
my room that connects to my router wirelessly where I can share files
and access the internet as well as connect other computers in my room
to the network. In other words, I do not want to have a wire
connecting the network in my room to the internet router. How do I
create this?
I have spare wireless routers at my disposal, but I'm not sure how to
bridge a wireless network together. I have: netgear mr814v2 and a
linksys befw11s4 vs2 wireless access point + cable/dsl router.
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to add to what i've posted, i would like the network in my room to pick up the wireless signal from the internet router and split that connection as a network in my room for my xbox and other computers i would like to add.
bottom line, no cables coming to or from my room, but all computers should be able to share files, access internet.
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On 5 Nov 2006 08:18:32 -0800, wrote in :
You need a wireless Ethernet (client) bridge. Some wireless routers can be put into that mode, but many cannot. See wikis below for more info.
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John Navas
You'll want a wireless bridge.
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