VOIP via Wi-Fi security questions

I am planning on using a USB VOIP phone for connection to my laptop
while I am on business travel. Hotels and coffee shops will be my
primary locations, to include free hot spots when available.
The advantages of being able to talk nationwide at low cost is very
appealing, however I need fairly secure communications for discussing
client and patient issues, in private.
What should I do to ensure "bulletproof" security? I mean
anti-eavesdropping but also security of my laptop itself.
I currently surf hotspots via Wi-Fi with the following procedures
- Sygate Firewall active at all times
- AntiVirus software active at all times
- VPN, HotSpotVPN, used at all times
- File Sharing, Print Sharing turned off
** My VPN assigns a new IP to my computer...if I ran the VPN thru an
anonymous proxy server, would that help or hurt security? Is it true
that VOIP behind a VPN is pretty much 100% secure? (aside from Big
Brother, which is not my concern anyway).
Thanks for your help and Happy New Year
Again, the goals are anti-eavesdropping, computer security, and overall
unable-to-identify-me-via-IP/other capability.
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One possible solutions is to VPN into your company then run a "VOIP soft phone". This solution is very secure since your VOIP data is being tunneled (and encrypted) through the Internet to your company. Again remember (especially when running Windows) that if your system is compromised then all bets are off....
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