How do 2 WLAN Router work together?

Hi, we have an ASUS WL 500 g WLAN-Router in our home for internet. But the signal isn't good in all for the computers so I want to install a second wlan-Router (ACER Broadband router) in the rooms. What must I look for? Is it possible to drive 2 wlan-routers at the same dsl-modem?

Or is it possible that the ACER is taken the signal from the ASUS-router and give it in the other rooms like an accesspoint? Does an accesspoint need a cable from the modem or can the ACER take it from the ASUS-router?

I found nothing in the manuals, so maybe there are other was to do. Thanks for help Werner

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Werner Hussen
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If you want one subnet then plug a cable from the ASUS lan side to the ACER lan side and disable DHCP on the ACER. The ACER becomes a switch with an access point. Or plug a ASUS lan side into the Wan port of the ACER and leave DHCP on in the ACER for a separate subnet. The gateway address for the ACER will be the ASUS IP address

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