how can i make Wlan

I have two laptops with Wlan . How can i make network of both laptops in order to share internet. I am using Dialup on one Laptop and want to share it with another one. plz tell me how it can be possible. thanks.

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Hoc Mode With Windows ICS You can try Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) or equivalent software that relies on one computer hosting the Net connection. This option requires at a minimum that the host computer have a modem (either internal or external), and that all wireless network cards be configured for ad hoc (peer-to-peer) mode. This option works best if you only have a few home computers located close to each other.

----------------------------------------------------- Definition: Internet Connection Sharing, Windows ICS allows a local network of Windows computers to share a single Internet connection. Microsoft developed ICS as part of Windows 98 Second Edition. The feature has been included as part of all subsequent Windows releases, but it is not available as a separate installable program.

ICS follows a client/server model. To set up ICS, one computer must be chosen as the server. The designated computer must support two network interfaces, one directly connected to the Internet and the other connected to the remainder of the LAN. In a traditional home dial-up network, for example, the server computer is directly connected to the modem.

When configured through Windows, the ICS server behaves as a NAT router, directing messages on behalf of multiple computers.

ICS incorporates a DHCP server that allows clients to obtain their local addresses automatically rather than needing to be set manually. Compared to hardware routers, ICS has the advantage of being included with the operating system so no additional purchase is required. On the other hand, ICS lacks many of the configuration options that hardware routers possess.

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