How did Malibu Media find the exact GPS LOCATION of an IP address 100% of the time WITHOUT contacting the ISP?

You have got to be the most successful troll I have ever seen. I can't even begin to killfile this stuff. But your count group is weird.

I mean, clearly it has nothing to do with satellite navigation, even though the header mentions GPS. That is: IP geolocation has absolutely

*nothing* to do with satellite navigation. Very clever.

Now could you please go away, Arlen? I'm getting sick of deleting your messages, but more than that, the troll feeding frenzy that follows them.

Could y'all please stop fattening this guy up?

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Zaghadka wrote

If you can't see how your GPS location is part of the upload to Google's database, and which is likely what they're using, then you're an idiot.

But to your point Zaghadka, you're one of the biggest trolls out there. When have _you_ ever added even a single iota of on-topic value Zaghadka? *The answer is you have _never_ added any value, Zaghadka*

Also the answer is you can't ever add any value, Zaghadka.

Want facts?

You posted twice, for example, to this thread, subtracting value each time. Think about that before you claim everyone else is a troll except for you.

Please do not post further to this thread unless you can add topical value.

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Wally J

Goalposts moved. Now it's about Google and not Malibu Media? It's really about satnav and not IP geolocation? Smooth.

Ah, ad hominem insults. The last resort of a troll on the ropes.

Good luck, guy. Please stop nym-shifting so I can properly ignore you.

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