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My town has Time-Warner. Some people have RoadRunner, some have Earthlink, some people have AOL but it all runs through T-W's system.

When I do an IP Trace, the trace goes to a location on the north-west side of town, a residential street.

I tried trace route and found that my IP and the IP address of a T-W gateway trace to the same physical location. The same is true for others living in town. Some people live a mile or two from this location, some live 6 to 8 miles from the location of the gateway.

Is it possible that T-W put some kind of gateway in this neighborhood or is the IP Trace inaccurate about the location?


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When I do a IP trace for mine it shows the middle of the live ordinance range at Twenty Nine Palms Marine Base in southern California.

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Mine shows about 5 miles SW across town.

I don't think there's any equipment there. I actually have a green TWC box just outside my house (about 2 cubic feet) that would be more likely than where the IP trace shows.

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Duck!!! ... Incoming!!! :-)

Mine shows a location in the next town, about 7 miles away.

Ken Whiton

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Ken Whiton

The trace is inaccurate. There is really no way to know where the CMTS is located. Depending on the network design and where the RF terminates, it could easily be miles away. Heck, with some of the edge QAM products that are entering the market, your "CMTS" may be several states away.

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This is a router or switching station near your house that passes the data to a larger network.

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