Help: setting up a D-Link DWL-2100AP

Hi all,

I've just purchased a d-link dwl-2100ap and am a bit confused about setting it up. I would appreciate guidance from you.

I've followed the quick setup guide by setting a static IP on my pc (the ap's IP being and could access the setup wizard through internet explorer. There, I changed the mode from AP to AP client and switched off the authentification before closing the wizard. I didn't change the default IP.

I then booted the pc with the hope that windows xp sp2 will identify a nearby hotspot but nothing. Even netstumbler says that "no wireless adapter was found".

Can please anybody tell me what I am doing wrong?

When my friend's laptop boots, windows will always tell him what networks it has detected, so why is it different with my system ?



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I'm assuming you're trying to get your AP to act as a site surveyor and then connect to nearby detected open hotspots or open wireless networks using your desktop pc. You would probably get better results by adding a wireless adapter card to your desktop and using the site surveying tool that comes with the adapter and/or windows XP WZC. Anyway, you must have the MAC address of the detected AP entered in the alloted space in your DWL2100AP's menu before communication can take place. If I'm not mistaken, you can't just locate an open network and connect to it like you could if you had a wireless notebook or a wireless adapter like your friend can. With those items, the MAC address is irrelevant. As for using the Windows XP WZC utility to site survey via the DWL2100AP, I'm not sure if that is possible. If I'm wrong, I apologize and will wait to be educated by other people who post to this newsgoup.

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Doug Jamal

Thanks for your reply.

I understand that I made a wrong choice but I intended to use an adapter with ethernet connection because ultimately it was going to be placed on the roof and connected to the PC through a cat5 cable in order to reduce loss due to antenna cable.

Anyway, what I am finding more confusing is that even the D-link AP manager software tells me that it doesn't find the AP!

I even cannot put the Mac address of the target AP in the configuration page because the box is greyed out!


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You're welcome.

not necessarily

but I intended to use an adapter

Does this mean that you are not *currently* using your adapter?

Did you properly configure the AP manager program? It comes with a wizard that will walk you through setting it up with the DWL2100AP. Lightning destroyed my DWL2100AP last weekend and I've yet to replace it. Right now, I'm using the DI-624 rev c wireless router until I replace my DWL2100AP.

Did you logon the AP's menu with a user password or an administrative password. If I'm not mistaken, the DWL2100AP allows for both. logging in as only a user has limitations.

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Doug Jamal


As I said earlier, I just got the DWL-2100AP early this week and was trying to check which network I can connect to before signing up because my current isp doesn't offer wifi.

Using the wizard is not a problem. There is another program named AP manager that comes on the cd. It's this I was refering to. Even this program cannot "see" the DWL-2100AP while it is connected through the ethernet port. Strange in fact because via internet explorer I can run the setup wizard!

How would you rate the DI-624 ? I guess you use it with adsl or cable, but is it possible to feed it through a wireless adapter? I mean, here we don't have adsl or cable so for broadband I have to connect via wifi. I wanted to know if it is possible to connect to the isp using the DWL-2100AP and then connect the DI-624 to it.

I use the default Admin password, I guess it's OK.

Could you please tell me how you get your pc to "see" the DWL-2100AP ? Because my system doesn't tell me if it is there or not.

Also, do you have different IPs on the pc and the AP as I do ? For example, to connect to the AP for "the configuration" I have to set my nic's IP as (the ap's IP being May this be the reason why the AP, currently configured as an AP client, is not recognised as a wifi adapter ?

Kind regards.

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Who is your current ISP and what type of internet service are you

*currently* receiving? You're obviously trying to use the AP as a wifi finder. In my opinion, you'd be better off spending about 20 bucks on a portable handheld wifi finder. In regards to the AP connecting to a nearby wifi network, unless I'm misreading your post, wouldn't the purchase of a wireless adapter card do what you are attempting to do. I mean, Wireless NIC are arguable best suited for this.

If you are connected to the AP from your NIC via an ethernet cable, the AP manager application should work.

Not strange at all.

The DI-624 rev. C is a very good wireless router. It's fast, easy to configure and use and it does what it is designed to do.

What do you mean when you say, "feed it through a wireless adapter". If you're asking whether or not a wireless adapter is compatible with the DI-624 then my answer is yes. Pretty much any properly configured wireless client (wireless adapter card, wireless notebook card, wireless USB connector, etc.) can connect to the DI-624 or any other wireless router or AP.

I am assuming you have wifi ISPs in your neck of the woods and if so, do they not provide you with some sort of wifi equipment to connect your desktop pc to in order to connect to the internet? I mean, just like in mobile phones, the ISP has to provide a way for only it's customers can access its service. Am I making sense?

Traditionally speaking, you would not need the both DI-624 and the DWL2100AP. The DI-624 is sort of an all in one device (Wireless AP, router and switch) whereas the DWL2100AP is only as AP that can be configured 5 different ways. Usually the DWL2100AP is connected to a router. Again, traditionally speaking, a person would connect a minimum of 4 pc's to the DI-624 via ethernet cable as well as have wireless devices connect to it wirelessly. The DWL2100AP is a wireless device ONLY! If you did use them together, the DWL2100AP would be connected to the DI-624 via an ethernet cable.

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Doug Jamal

This was my first consideration but because I read on the dwl-2100ap's brochure that it could act as a client I thought that it was a better choice because I intended to place it on the roof in order to shorten the coax cable. For a wireless nic I have to use a lengthy cable up to the high gain antenna !

I also think that it should work but it doesn't!

I said strange because IE can connect to the AP while the D-link's AP manager cannot!

I think your DI-624 is fed via a cable or dsl modem right? But I don't have that choice here. I can either connect through wifi or a 56 kbps modem. The question was to know if the wan port of the DI-624 is restricted to the signal from a cable/dsl modem or if it can also accept signal coming from an ethernet port. Example: I set the AP in client mode to connect to the isp and then connect the ethernet port of the AP to the wan port of the DI-624, this is what I want to know because I guess that the DI-624 cannot connect wirelessly connect to the isp (client mode)and wirelessly connect to my pcs (AP mode) at the same time.

Because I don't have the possibility of sending the DWL-2100AP to the seller (he is located a few thousand miles from where I am) isn't there any solution to get it to work as a wireless nic and to be recognized by win xp?

Kind regards.

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