Help! My wireless network is down!!! ...well, sort of...

i work for a school. i'm running windows server 2003 & wmicrosoft
exchange 2003. all workstations are xp based. we have 5 subnets on the
campus, and yesterday morning the wireless portion of the network on
just ONE subnet stopped working (the one with the DNS server & domain
controller on it).
here's what i can see: all other subnets work normally. the machines
which are hard wired connect to the network and internet fine. no
abnormal protocols appear to be installed on the machines affected, nor
are any of the typical ones missing. the access points appear to be
functioning normally, and in fact do function normally, if moved to
another subnet (at least, the one i tested did). the wireless
connection in the Network Connections screen with a red X over it. in
some cases, it will find "ghost" networks, but will be unable to
connect to them. in other cases, it can connect, but windows xp tells
me the is limited or no connectivity. but i can ping the WAP's &
access their configuration pages ok.
we're using two WAP models: linksys WAP54g & orinoco AP-2000. power
cycling therefore probably not the issue, esp. since we're talking
about over a dozen devices.
lastly, all testable measures of DHCP indicate that it is working
correctly (it runs off outr main server, which is the domain controller
& DNS server as well).
i called linksys, and they suggested a firmware update, but that cant
be causing the issue for all of them at once, including the orinoco
ones, can it?
i'm at a complete loss! can anyone help!?!?!
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