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Neill Massello
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You don't say where you are or what kind of modem you have, or who the ISP is.

Some USB modems also have an ethernet connection on them. My Motorola SB5100 has both, and can supposedly use both at the same time. I haven't tried that.

If you have a modem that already has an ethernet port, you might be very close. Add any wireless router, maybe "clone" a MAC address if you are on a cable system and your provider requires it, and away you go.

That might be the hard part. Proper positioning, antenna orientation, maybe external antennas or reflectors, maybe bouncing off the neighboring building so you only have windows and not brick to penetrate.

I wouldn't buy a router with a modem built in. I would get the modem with ethernet that your ISP offers for rent, and then connect a WiFi router:

Netgear WGB511 802.11g Wireless Networking Kit WGR614v4 Router and WG511 CardBus card that I have. $69.79 - $35 = $34.79 for the pair.

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I'm looking for some help and recommendations for setting up my first wireless network.

I currently have a PC running XP pro connecting to net using a USB broadband modem. Shortly I'm buying a laptop which will have XP Home installed and I want to connect this to my existing set up with a wireless connection.

There are so many products out there I'm a little confused. Some routers come with modems, I presume I can buy one without and just connect my PC to the router using an Ethernet connection, then share the broadband connection by purchasing a PCMCIA wireless card? Also I'll be using this in a 3 story Victorian house (i.e. quite thick walls and ceilings) are they all capable of providing a good connection through this?

Can anyone point me in the direction of a beginners guide or point out what hardware I need, any recommendations on good products would also be appreciated.

Many thanks

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ah, i should have probably also pointed out im in the UK. The modem is a Fujitsu FX one (defeinately no ethernet on it) and my ISP is

Thanks for the help!

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Have a look at

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