Unable to obtain internet connection - total novice

Hi all,

I'm a complete novice when it comes to computers. I don't understand any PC terminology so explaining things to me will be relatively difficult unless explained in lamens terms!

I'll explain my problem/s:

I bought a LAPTOP from Ebay (idiot, I know). I didn't read much about it because all that information doesn't mean anything to me anyway. Basically, I later realised it doesn't have a cd-rom. This doesn't bother me as that was not my intention of getting a laptop.

Originally, the wifi worked fine, now all of a sudden it doesn't. I've tried system restore to a date of when it was working and i've considered a reformat. A reformat would be like going to hell and back though due to not having a cd-rom!

It started when I was trying to sign-in to MSN messenger and it would automatically reject me signing in. I rebooted thinking that this is the solution to everything and there-on my connection would say *Acquiring Network Connection* or something along those lines, but never ACTUALLY connect.

I've also noticed I have no IP. I thought every comptuer has an IP when connecting to the internet!

Please help. I'm considering sticking chopsticks in my eyes and slapping myself with a tuna fish! Relieve me of this darn stress!



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Laptops usually have a physical switch to disable WiFi -- find yours, and check it. Easy to bump, and kinda hard to find.

You can get a new, fully-equipped laptop for ~500US$. And, at least with Dell, you can still order one with XP instead of Vista; XP reduces the RAM needed and reduces the problems.

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Bob Willard

why would anyone recommend getting a laptop or any computer for that matter and offer up XP as a good reason to do so?

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Who's network is it? Before you go re-installing everything you should look for the obvious stuff first. It is unlikely that it you've done something so critical that it won't connect.

Tell us about your router. What model is it? Who is the internet provider? What bandwidth do you have from the IP?

I've been where you are.... so don't worry. in 22 years you'll be quite confortable


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Rangefire Wireless

For exactly that reason! You can avoid VISTA!!!!!

Allow or deny? Allow or deny?

Vista is the biggest mistake MS has made to date. But now they have the coin to buy their way out of it.

Ubuntu 7.04 is my OS of choice...with the new OS10 Leopard right behind.


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Rangefire Wireless

I did not say -- or even imply -- that XP was a reason to get a new PC. I did point out that if you get a new laptop from Dell you can still get it with XP instead of Vista; an important point, since many of us think that Vista is not ready for prime time.

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Bob Willard

I have to agree with you there. And I have to add that I think that Vista is going in the wrong direction.

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Rangefire Wireless

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Each computer that is actually connected to the 'net has an IP address. However, many, if not most, computers connecting to the 'net these days do not have _fixed_ IP addresses. The IP address is assigned when the computer negotiates a connection via a modem, router or other device.

As someone else has suggested, I would say tell us all something more about how it is that you're attempting to connect. What collection of devices is involved?


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Bill Bell

Some people are dum soo dum , get a tech he will fix your problem

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It can be simplified, if you start by telling us:

1) What OS/SP the pc is running 2) Model of router/WiFi adapter 3) Output of (at shell) "ipconfig /all" 4) What the wireless connection manager tells you (and which one you're using- MS's or vendor's) 5) What happens when you connect the pc via ethernet port (assuming you have such) to router's "local lan" or such, switched, port.

You might just need to reboot router.

As a follow-on, you'll want to secure access to wireless lan AND router config- change default admin pwd. Many, many have written on this. DAGGS (do a google groups search.)

HTH, John

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John Barry

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