HD streaming over 802.11g

I'm trying to stream HDTV files over 802.11g, they stutter somethign terrible. Short of converting them to smaller files, is there anything else I can do? I can recording OTA with an ATI HD Wonder card and saving, for now, as HD WMV files.

- JB

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First you probably need to do some math, run the numbers on the bitrate of your video vs the throughput you're getting. The best I see at home is about 10-20Mbit/sec on my 802.11g network, going from a router downstairs to my laptop upstairs. It varies quite a bit depending on time of day and presumably activity on other 2.4GHz channels. If you measure your actual throughput and find you're close, maybe using a pair of high gain antennas may buy you enough extra headroom to keep running at full speed.

Some of the problem may be in whatever server / protocol is streaming the data. Hard to say without knowing more about your setup.

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Howard Chu

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