Go Wireless with an old Cable Modem

Hi Folks,

I currently have a Motorola Cable Modem like the one pictured here

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it only has one ethernet port on the rear. I would like to go wireless for my laptop but keep a physical ethernet port for my desktop. I am a little confused by all the options.

1.Is one option to add a Wireless AP to the existing modem, but the WAP must have an ethernet port.

2.Replace the motorola with a wireless cable modem, but if I did this how do you setup a cable modem? The engineer did it last time and will it have an ethernet port?

Please help I'm confused.


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You want a "wireless router", almost any commodity brand, Linksys, Netgear, Belkin, etc for ~ $50 at your local store. Walmart has them, Radio Shack, etc.

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a Linksys. This has Wireless 802.11g, and four wired ethernet ports, so you can connect your existing desktop wired to the router, and the router by etherenet wired to your cable modem where the desktop is connected now.

If the laptop doesn't already have wireless, you would want a card for it, maybe the Linksys WPC54G listed at the bottom of the walmart page.

You can mix brands if you'd like.

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