Re-purposing an Old Cable Modem?

I found an old Belkin Cable Modem while cleaning otu some garbage at work and I was wondering if this coul be repurposed for anything. Maybe some sort of WiFi antena pick up or a firwall of some sort.

-- Josh Miller

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Josh Miller
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On 10/14/2008 03:02 PM, Josh Miller sent:

Hello Josh:

The cable modem's R.F. side will only work in the spectrum that cable service providers use; up to approx 800 MHz. WiFi operates in the GHz region.

Also, the modem's protocol is probably only DOCSYS 1.1 compliant if it's very old. But possibly DOCSYS 2.0 if it's not too old.

However. someone may be interested, if it's compatible, as a rent free alternative to their leased cable modem.

Best wishes.

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