For the geeks - can 2 wireless routers talk to each other ?

I have a couple of Quest 2Wire 2700 HG-D DSL/Wireless routers Is there a way to set them up in 2 different parts of the house so that they talk to each other ? This is to avoid having to run about 30 feet of RJ45 from the basement to the 2nd floor

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D. A. Tsenuf
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"D. A. Tsenuf" hath wroth:

Check the web setup and see if these routers support WDS:

That's about the only way they can effectively communicate without either running CAT5 between routers and using one as an access point, or converting one into a repeater.

Only 30ft? Run the wire.

Incidentally, the connector is an RJ45. The cable is called CAT5.

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Jeff Liebermann

Not likely. I'd consider running DD-WRT on a WRT54G (check the version before jumping into it). You can use that device to bridge the connection to your 2wire router.

But first, can you avoid this by installing wireless gear on the computer/s at the 30' location? Can the 2Wire be moved closer?

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Darn, you got there before me Jeff.

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