Flaky network: ethernet card or wifi adapter poss to blame?

For the past few months, I've been trying to solve a network problem at a home in Berkeley. The network provides Internet access to 7 computers: 4 Windows laptops, a Windows desktop, a Mac laptop, and a Mac desktop. All except the Windows desktop connect via wifi. ATT DSL is the provider.

After between 1 and roughly 20 days of flawless performance, most of the computers suddenly can't connect and the router seems reluctant to assign IP addresses.

I've swapped out the modem once and the router three times. ATT has troubleshot (without visiting) and they say that the line is fine (and I strongly suspect that they are right).

I'll skip further details and jump to my question:

Is it possible that one of the computers has a defective ethernet card or wifi adapter that brings down the network?

If so, how would I determine which computer might have the problem?

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Makes and models of the various pieces of equipment would be helpful. Otherwise all you're likely to get are wild guesses. Also would be helpful to post to a more appropriate newsgroup (to which I've cross-posted this reply).

What *exactly* is the error you're getting? If your client computers are not getting private IP addresses (instead setting their own IP addresses), then confine troubleshooting to the router and clients.

There's nothing in the sketchy details you've posted to suggest a modem or DSL problem.

Why? Lack of details just makes it a guessing game.

Unlikely. Troubleshoot the router.

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John Navas

Still, one of the things I would look for if there is a mixed b/g network going on. In Windows you can disable the wireless cards one by one to see if they are impacting the rest of the network, so it's potentially a pretty quick experiment. Not sure about the MAC's.


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