File Sharing between 2 computers, Linksys Wireless?

I have a newbie question:

I have a desktop with no wifi card, running Windows 2000 professional. It is usually the fileserver of a network, and my laptop running Linksys wifi software usually used to login to the desktop before I got wifi.

I now can sometimes run adhoc on the laptop or infrastructure on the laptop and get file sharing with the desktop, but this is not something I can repeat all the time.

I was an MCSE awhile back and understand the basics, but how do I get the laptop to login and share files with the desktop consistently?


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If you want to do File Sharing in a wireless situation on a consistent basis, then you need a wire/wireless AP router with the card in infrastructure mode. Adhoc mode and ICS or File Sharing with an NT based O/S is suspect to say the least about it. If you go back into the history of posts in this NG using Adhoc mode with a wireless card and XP or Win 2K and maybe any NT based O/S and ICS or F & P - S, you'll see it's a hit or miss and it can go out while it's working.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

Why not, what does it do/not do?

You make no mention of an access point therefore you cannot run the laptop in infrastructure mode.

With the limited information supplied so far, the answer is "make the wireless connection reliable"


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